Thetis Ventures Corporation

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You may have discovered our name in presentations or on websites or heard it from a friend, which brought you to this page seeking more information. Well, we’re a privately held corporation located in the USA. We do not accept, via email or phone or telepathy, or any means otherwise, pitches for startups, ideas for doing or making anything, or requests for funding or favors. That said, we’re flattered you’re reading this page and we wish you good luck with whatever it is that’s on your mind or that may have brought you here.

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Emergency Contact

In the event it’s absolutely necessary for you to reach Thetis, kindly provide in an email to us (a) your full name and title, (b) your enterprise affiliation, (c) your telephone contact details and country of origin, and (d) the purpose of your contact in 200 or fewer words within the body of your email and without any attachments whatsoever.